Return to Eden

Drawings, embrodery and ceramics by Salvatore Puglia

From December 1, 2018 to January 5, 2019
Raubtiere 01. 2018 - SALVATORE PUGLIA

Raubtiere 01. 2018
by Salvatore Puglia
zoological print, digital print on glass
31 x 40 cm
© Salvatore Puglia

Salvatore Puglia’s baroque compositions are an admixture of photographs, drawings, embroidery and illuminated manuscripts. Incorporating ceramics he stages a curious menagerie: aligning species domesticated with wild, both long extinct and familiar, be they indexed or imaginary. A plurality of fauna refer to the forest primeval, prehistoric caves, and mythology. The codex of creatures classified in the Middle Ages, Buffon’s anatomical diagrams, myriad legends, fairy tales, and other literary gems are a fantastic voyage back in time…