Data Privacy Policy

Personal datas collected on this website

Audience analysis solution

This website uses Piwik, a open-source software used to measure and track traffic in order to improve it. The collected datas are anonymous and cookies are kept for 13 months.

However, if you don’t want your visits to be recorded, your can set it here.

Contact form

The informations collected through this contact form are kept in a computer file handled by Flair Galerie for managing its contacts, prospects, clients. Among collected datas : your name, email address and the sent message. They are being kept for a year unless it’s a recurring client and are only used by Flair Galerie. Submitting this datas through a contact form is purely based on your explicit consent.

Log servers

When you connect to this website, your connexion is directly recorded by the website host company, OVH. This connexion includes your IP address which can be used to indirectly identify you through your internet provider. Collecting this data is a legal obligation. You can’t oppose yourself to it. FLAIR Galerie does not uses these datas in any way.

Your rights

According to the General Data Protection Regulation, you have some rights over your datas :

  • Access right
  • Changing rights
  • Erasing rights
  • Opposing rights
  • Data moving rights
  • Right not to be the object of an individual and automated decision (including profiling)

You can assert each of these rights by contacting us to the following address :

Who has access to your datas ?

We don’t have our own servers, we use the services of a provider, the OVH company whose servers are hosted in France. To know more about the way OVH processes its data : click here. So, when you connect to the Flair Galerie website or when you send your datas through a contact form, your datas are digitally stored by OVH. OVH and us, Flair Galerie, have access to your datas.

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