Grandeur nature

Paintings and drawings by Caroline Desnoëttes

3 exhibitions, 3 venues, in coproduction with the City of Arles
FLAIR Galerie from March 30th to June 23rd, 2018
Eglise des Frères Prêcheurs from April 8th to 29th, 2018
In the street of Arles from March 29th, 2018
Panthère pleine lune 4. 2017 - Caroline Desnoëttes - FLAIR Galerie

Panthère pleine lune 4. 2017
Drawing by Caroline Desnoëttes
Ink on Indian paper
Diameter: 90 cm
© Thomas Julien

FLAIR Galerie presents, from March 30th to June 23rd 2018, drawings and paintings by Caroline Desnoëttes who inscribes her artistic approach within an ecological form of thinking by focusing on endangered species. Through life-size pieces on Japanese or Indian paper, she raises awareness about the vulnerability of nature and the fragility of resources confronting the scourge of humanity: poaching, pollution and deforestation.

The works of Caroline Desnoëttes will also be on show in the streets of Arles from March 29th, with Eléphantômatiques and at Église des Frères-Prêcheurs from April 8th to April 29th, where a blue whale will swim in cascades of security blankets in the midst of chapels reserved for wild cats, monkeys and other graphic safaris.

Three events in three venues allow us to discover the work of an artist who has got her eye on man’s place in the face of nature.

I cherish the memory in my mind of the big animals in Kenya, where, as an adolescent, their beauty engulfed me, their images forming a lasting foundation that feeds my work, from inks on paper to life-sized landscapes, right through to « éléphantômatiques », my stencilled street-art works.

As a child, I loved stalking, scrutinizing, admiring, looking for and flushing out animals. It filled me with wonder. As soon as they sniffed us, got wind of us, they froze, observing, considering, gauging, then glared at us. I told myself that maybe I could be, who knows… one of them!

Since then, I have caressed them with the bristles of my paintbrushes made from sable, squirrel, pig, goat, cat or rat. They pose like trophies whose pelts are ink on paper, their gaze fraternal; yes, that’s it, that’s what I felt since childhood: we are siblings living in the same house, same planet, Earth.

My work pays homage to the animal kingdom, at the heart of wildlife, in a series of singular portraits. Like on the first morning of the world, massive rhinoceros and lascivious felines, zebras, elephants, giraffes, monkeys, pandas, toucans, dolphins… incarnate as the strokes of my brush graze them and tame them. Golden highlights remind us the luminosity and energy of the sun, on which life depends.

Caroline Desnoëttes, 2018