La femme croco, Paris. 2000 - Dolorès Marat

La femme croco, Paris. 2000
Photograph by Dolorès Marat
Traditional negative film, Fresson print
40 x 60 cm
© Dolorès Marat / courtesy Galerie Françoise Besson


Photographs by Dolorès Marat

Exhibition from July 2nd to August 27th, 2016

Assembling thirty photographs by Dolores Marat, all dealing with the animal kingdom, FLAIR Galerie invites us to explore in an unusual and unprecedented fashion the work of this singular artist. The exhibition, being held from July 2nd to August 27th, consists exclusively of Fresson prints, a rare printing process perfectly befitting, in their smoky aspect, the oneiric quality of her work.

Modogliani. 2016 - Lucy Marshall

Modogliani. 2016
Illustration by Lucy Marshall
Pigment ink and watercolours
on 100% Cotton paper
35,6 x 28 cm
© The Dogophile


Illustrations by Lucy Marshall (The Dogophile)

Exhibition from May 14th to June 25th, 2016

Dogland, first exhibition of Lucy Marshall, alias The Dogophile, at FLAIR Galerie, is a cheering portrait collection of … dogs. Armed to the teeth with canine humor, our cynophilist contemplates her high society kennel without concession, her vision nonetheless crossbred with tenderness — box of dog chow in hand, shoulder bag full of plastic bones, to say nothing of inks, pigments and watercolours. The dogs she shows an affection for, as sincere as artistic, are not the sole subjects of her mordant drawing. Beyond, under those furry coats, we are effortlessly able to make out  men … or women.

Bruxelles, Belgique. 2008 - Jean-François Spricigo

Bruxelles, Belgique. 2008
Photograph by Jean-François Spricigo
Traditional negative film, inkjet Fine Art print
60 x 90 cm
© Jean-François Spricigo


Photographs by
Jean-François Spricigo

From March 25th to May 7th, 2016

Entitled Impatience, Jean-François Spricigo’s photographs, showing at FLAIR Galerie March 25th thru May 7th, exhibit in a mesmerizing fashion a proximity to the animal kingdom transfigured by an unfailing oddity. Often denuded of any depth of field, dipped into an intense black and white, each vibrant image of this bestiary, springing at the confluence of poetry and reverie, testifies to a singular sovereignty, offering itself as an epiphany.

My bed. 2015 - Jenifer Corker

My bed. 2015
Painting by Jenifer Corker
Calico, thread
& Indian Ink
50 x 70 cm
© Jenifer Corker

Dog. 2015 - Holy Smoke

Dog. 2015
Sculpture by Holy Smoke
Textile and mixed media
H 45 cm
© Wyn Griffiths

A special breed

Paintings by Jenifer Corker
Sculptures by Holy Smoke

From December 5th, 2015 to January 9th, 2016

This exhibition presents original artwork by Jenifer Corker and Holy Smoke. It displays a collection of fabric sculptures and paintings with embroideries that delicately and thoughtfully take the dog as their subject. Deftly crafting woven textile and thread, these artists capture the beauty of form, shape, surface and variety of these canines whilst simultaneously exploring their inner nature. Rather than investing these animals with human attributes or endowing them with the task of conveying any symbolic or hidden meaning, both artists sensitively engage with fiber art to communicate the intellect, intuition and instinct that are intrinsic to the dogs themselves.

Donkey or.... 2015 - Baltasar Dürrbach

Donkey or.... 2015
Painting by Baltasar Dürrbach
Pen and wash on paper
37,5 x 27,5 cm
© Emilie Ballif

All friends

Drawings & paintings
by Baltasar Dürrbach

From September 5th to November 28th, 2015

With this exhibition entitled “All Friends” presented for the first time at FLAIR Galerie, Baltasar Dürrbach  assembles a rich bestiary, in a score of Indian ink drawings and three paintings. Both for the animals he encounters in his everyday environment, like the donkey, the rooster and the dog, and other more exotic specimens like the elephant, the rhinoceros and the giraffe, each translates the inner state of the artist at the precise moment when he indulges his artistic bent.

The Cage, Manosque. 2003 - Nicolas Guilbert

The Cage, Manosque. 2003
Photograph by Nicolas Guilbert
Inkjet print on Hahnemühle baryta paper 315g
37 x 55 cm
© Nicolas Guilbert

 untitled. 2015 - Marie Christophe

untitled. 2015
Sculpture by Marie Christophe
Annealed wire, crystal pearls
20 cm x 8 cm
© Marie Christophe

Tout bêtement

Photographs by Nicolas Guilbert
Sculptures by Marie Christophe

From July 4th to August 29th, 2015

During the summer season, FLAIR Galerie will show two unusual artists whose work from the very start took hold of animal figures. The snapshots in color or in black and white by Nicolas Guilbert, and the wire sculptures by Marie Christophe, make up a touching bestiary in which humor and lightness predominate.

The Wolf. 2015 - Christian Roux

The Wolf. 2015
Black lead 6B & Photoshop CS6
Digital print on Rag Hahnemühle paper 350g
62 x 100 cm
© Christian Roux / Seuil Jeunesse

Le loup et les sept chevreaux

Illustrations by Christian Roux

From May 23th to June 27th, 2015

FLAIR Galerie will show twelve illustrations by Christian Roux drawn from the book « The wolf and the seven young goats », published in January 2015 by the Editions Seuil Jeunesse.

Land paintings 12. 2014 - Salvatore Puglia

Land paintings 12. 2014
Mixed Media
40 X 30 cm
© Salvatore Puglia


Photographs by Salvatore Puglia

From April 3th to May 16th, 2015

For its opening on April 3, 2015, FLAIR Galerie is offering about twenty works that make up a retrospective of the Roman artist Salvatore Puglia, on the theme of the impossible contemporary dialogue between man, the animal and nature.